Newark Board of Education Candidates Forum (ongoing)

NTE, in collaboration with local partners such as Project Ready, the Rutgers University Newark School of Public Affairs and Administration, the NAACP, Newark, and students from district and charter schools, hosts the annual Newark Board of Education Candidates Forum. The purpose of this forum is to allow the community to hear the candidates as they share their ideas, values, and visions for the Newark Education System. Visit Campaign Central to learn more.

Promise Neighborhood Collaboration (ongoing)

Through its role as an Anchor Partner leading the K-12 Education Collaborative Action Network, NTE collaborates with the South Ward Promise community. As a strategic partner, it facilitates partnerships between charter public schools and district public schools, thus allowing schools to utilize one of their most valuable community resources: each other. A neutral convener, the Trust gathers and presents credible information to multiple stakeholders, engages the community, and helps schools connect with varied resources. 

The Newark Digital Equity Campaign (2022 - present)

The Newark Digital Equity Campaign (NDEC) was launched in 2022 by NTE in partnership with Project Ready. It promotes equitable future opportunities for young people by organizing local organizations to systematically eliminate barriers to affordable in-home high-speed internet access, promote digital literacy for all, and assist students and their families in acquiring the skills they need to be competitive in the digital workforce.

SEL4NJ Statewide Working Group (2022 - present)

The SEL4NJ School Provider and Quality Implementation (SPQI) Work Group is a collaboration of eight high-impact education- and health- focused organizations across the state of New Jersey, under the umbrella of SEL4NJ, and co-led by the Newark Trust for Education. The work group seeks to expand understanding of SEL implementation needs, challenges, and opportunities related to school-provider partnerships in New Jersey in order to inform stakeholders across the state. Members of the group include: ArtsEdNJ, Atlantic Health Systems, Brick Education Network, Newark Trust for Education, New Jersey Association of School Psychologists, Rutgers Behavioral Health Care, SEL4NJ, and Teach for America New Jersey. The SPQI work group will develop a customized framework for effective school-provider relationships based on existing research and new data collected from NJ stakeholders between June and December 2022. The group will also develop a set of long term goals and a logic model for the establishment of a provider network. For more details please review: SEL4NJ School Provider and Quality Implementation Work (SPQI) Group

FSI Learning Community: Family Leadership Working Group (2022 - ongoing)

The Trust is a stakeholder supporting Family Success Institute’s work on meaningful parental and family leadership. We believe parents and caregivers can be effective advocates and civic change agents for their families, no matter their race, gender, class, or language background. We envision a state where all parents have the resources, opportunities, and support they need for their children to grow successfully from birth to adulthood. We strive to involve those most impacted by policy, funding, and practice in decisions that affect them and their children. 

Families as Partners Landscape Paper (2021)

In 2021, NTE published a landscape paper titled Families as partners in Newark’s evolving early childhood landscape that mapped policies and programs influencing early childhood development in Newark in the areas of research and advocacy, maternal and child health, parenting and family stability, and child care and early learning. Drawing from 80 stakeholder interviews spanning these sectors, we developed guidelines for effective collaboration and continuous improvement of citywide work in early childhood development, which were well received by stakeholders. To learn more about city, county, and state-level stakeholders in early learning, please go to:  

Safe and Supportive Learning Environments Summit (2018-present)

Founded in 2018, the Summit serves as a gathering place for educational stakeholders representing families, learning organizations, and public, nonprofit, and community educational institutions that form Newark's educational ecosystem. The Summit has featured a number of themed papers and panels since then, including those related to Social-Emotional Learning, Mental Health, Early Childhood Learning, Quality Child Care, Family Engagement, and Educational Partnerships in Newark. NTE conference papers are featured on the landing pages shared on this page and on previous pages. You are invited to visit for information on our next Summit. 

South Ward Community Schools (2017-2019)

The South Ward Community Schools Initiative (SWCSI), a collaborative partnership between the Newark Public Schools (NPS) and the City of Newark, began in 2017 as a school transformation strategy designed to address the barriers that prevent students from reaching their full potential. NTE coordinated the partnership, led documentation efforts with Metis Associates, and convened the school sites for peer learning and problem solving. Five South Ward schools—BRICK Avon School, Belmont Runyon, BRICK Peshine, Malcom X Shabazz High School, and Spencer-Miller—were selected through a competitive process, to transform their schools into community schools. After an intensive planning process, the schools began full implementation from  2016 to 2019. For more information on the approach and results of SWCSI, please go to