In Newark’s evolving early childhood landscape


Every year, about 4,000 babies are born in Newark, New Jersey, which means there are roughly 12,000 children ages 0-3 in the city right now. It takes a city to raise this many young children well, and Newark has a rich landscape of over 50 major programs and services supporting the healthy development of infants and toddlers.

What is Families as Partners?

Families as Partners is a first-of-its-kind research paper from the Newark Trust for Education. It offers an overview of Newark’s early childhood development landscape and a preliminary assessment of how well this rich and complex ecosystem is meeting the needs of the children and families it was built to serve.

Who is this paper for? Why did we write it?

Families as Partners is for early childhood service providers, partners, advocates, funders, parents and caregivers—essentially anyone with an interest or a stake in early learning in Newark or cities like it.

The Trust recognizes how incredibly important the early childhood development landscape is to our children’s overall growth and development. We researched and wrote this paper to gain a better understanding of the early childhood ecosystem as a whole: its strengths, its diversity, potential gaps and opportunities, and how the various parts work together in support of the whole.

Let’s start a conversation.

The Newark Trust for Education is eager to be a partner and resource to all who have an interest in early learning in Newark. To speak with us about this paper, the Trust’s programs, the wealth of early childhood resources available in our city, or any other matter, please contact [email protected].