Newark's young people deserve equitable future opportunities. We can accomplish this by organizing local organizations to systematically eliminate barriers to affordable in-home high-speed internet access, promote digital literacy for all, and assist students and their families in acquiring the skills they need to be competitive in the digital workforce.

"The exponential growth of the digital economy is going to leave large chunks of minorities with little or no access to jobs. We conduct a bottom up societal study and it shows that 76% of Blacks and 62% of Hispanics could get shut out or be under-prepared for 86% of jobs in the US by 2045. If this digital racial gap is not addressed, in one generation alone, digitization could render the country’s minorities into an unemployment abyss.

"Deutsche Bank, "America's Racial Gap & Big Tech's Closing Window," September 3, 2020


I promise to promote and work toward equitable access to affordable, in-home, high-speed internet for all young people in Newark.

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The Broadband Equity Initiative was launched in 2022 by NTE in partnership with Project Ready. 

To close the opportunity gap and improve life outcomes for children, we have to address the deep digital divide the pandemic has illuminated. This digital divide and resource divide facing school-aged children of color and those experiencing poverty is not a new phenomenon – but it is a growing one.

As the divide spreads, it’s disproportionately affecting displaced and at-risk youth. There are students in Newark, currently living in shelters, motels, cars and/or couch surfing who are now relying on remote learning to receive a quality education. These students are still without internet or laptops.