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Newark's young people are curious learners and influential, problem-solving community members.

Through a sustained and informed community focus on literacy, our young people will be equipped to achieve high levels of proficiency as readers, writers, and speakers, all of which will strengthen their ability to continue learning, succeed in competitive careers and be civically active.


I promise to learn, promote, and practice key reading, writing, and speaking skills with all of the young people in my life. 

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"The average annual income of adults who are at the minimum proficiency level for literacy (Level 3) is nearly $63,000, significantly higher than the average of roughly $48,000 earned by adults who are just below proficiency (Level 2) and much higher than those at the lowest levels of literacy (Levels 0 and 1), who earn just over $34,000 on average.

Low Literacy Levels Among U.S. Adults Could Be Costing The Economy $2.2 Trillion A Year

Michael T. Nietzel

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