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Accelerated Learning -

2022 Student Learning Assessments test scores show that more than half of New Jersey students are not meeting grade expectations in English and math. In his article on, Newark Trust for Education’s Executive Director Ronald Chaluisan suggests schools take an accelerated learning (AL) approach to get students back on track with pre-pandemic levels.  

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New Jersey Morning Show: Community-based Learning

In the wake of so much disruption to schools, it feels like NJ students are starting to fall behind. We spoke with Ronald Chaluisán of the Newark Trust for Education about how community-based learning can help close the gap. 

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How Newark Schools, Parents Can Better Prepare Students This School Year

NEWARK, NJ — Providing support to students inside and outside the school building will be vital to ensuring that learning gets back on track in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Newark Trust for Education Executive Director Ron Chaluisán.

As Newark Public Schools District staff and students gear up for the 2022-23 school year, TAPinto Newark spoke with Chaluisán, a local education advocate, on what school faculty and parents can do to better support students. READ MORE

The 5 Things Parents Can Do To Help Their Children Thrive and Excel In School

Jan 11, 2022

The 5 Things Parents Can Do To Help Their Children Thrive and Excel In School

Honor, celebrate, and promote all of the learning your child undertakes even when it does not seem part of a formal education program. Be your child’s greatest advocate.

School is really not easy these days. Many students have been out of school for a long time because of the pandemic, and the continued disruptions and anxieties are still breaking the flow of normal learning. What can parents do to help their children thrive and excel in school, particularly during these challenging and anxiety-provoking times?  READ MORE

Is there really a problem with social emotional learning? Research says absolutely not.

Opinion By Star-Ledger Guest Columnist, Stephanie Parry Updated: Aug. 28, 2022, 2:25 p.m. | Published: Aug. 28, 2022, 10:34 a.m.

The nation’s founding fathers believed strongly that public education would be key to the success of American democracy by shaping and preparing its citizens. READ MORE

The Countdown: Setting the stage for new school year - Eyewitness News

By Eyewitness News via Tuesday, August 16, 2022NEW YORK (WABC) --In this edition of 'The Countdown,' we set the stage for the new school year by breaking down the big issues facing students, teachers, and parents. Newark Trust for Education Executive Director Ronald Chaluisan joins us with more on what can be expected in and out of the classroom. WATCH HERE

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How learning loss is framed shapes how it’s addressed

An education nonprofit leader details three ways to approach and address pandemic-driven gaps in learning — and why the language used matters. Published Aug. 11, 2022, - K-12 Dive By Ronald Chaluisán Batlle


After educators and researchers presented post-pandemic testing data that showed a decline in student performance levels, journalists and elected officials popularized the term “learning loss.” Educators then introduced “unfinished learning,” replacing the term used to describe the most significant issue facing American education today. No matter what you call it, it’s time to rethink this idea. READ MORE

In Newark school board candidate forum, learning loss among top issues

By  Catherine Carrera Apr 6, 2022, 7:43 pm EDT

The two-hour forum, organized by Newark Trust for Education, Project Ready, and Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration, gave candidates an opportunity to answer questions related to the pandemic’s effect on students’ learning, a policy that governs social and emotional learning, and the $1.2 billion school budget


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40+ Reasons Why Research Is Important in Education - UpJourney

Photo of author By The Editors Updated on March 23, 2022

Do you ever wonder why research is so essential in education? What impact does it really have on teaching and learning? These are questions that plague many students and educators alike. According to experts, here are the reasons why research is important in the field of education.

Joseph Marc Zagerman, Ed.D. 


Dr. Gopalan, Director of Research and Learning at the Trust, was asked to include her thoughts in this article. 

Return to School

ED Ronald Chaluisán speaks with Lisa Marie Falbo about masking and other issues facing our young people. The interview begins at approximately minute 13 of this broadcast. 

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