vaughn_thompson-690.pngIn advance of the Trust’s March 26 Forum:  Finders Keepers: Recruiting and Retaining High Quality Leaders, we are posting a series of research based best practices to enhance our collective understanding of the issues.

According “Lacking Leaders,” a report published by the Fordham Institute, there are four things school districts can do to improve their efforts to recruit and retain high quality school leaders.

  1. Make the job more appealing.  Give principals more autonomy, more say in staffing, and more control over budgets.
  2. Evaluate candidates based on what research shows contributes to an effective principal - including prior experience.
  3. Match a principal’s strengths to the needs of the school where he or she is placed.
  4. Keep assessing and improving hiring practices.

Are these best practices influencing the quality of leadership on our schools?  Are their other variables that impact the recruitment and retention of effective school leaders not included here?

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