Happy Holidays!

The Newark Trust for Education is pleased to bring you its second installment of the Newark Newswire--a weekly roundup of news and events related to public education throughout Newark.

We hope that everyone has a restful holiday and a peaceful new year!




Newark Schools, Feds Strike Deal to Halt Probe into Civil Rights Complaints

Signed November 9th, the federal government and the Newark Public Schools have reached an agreement that will halt a federal investigation into the “One Newark” Plan.  The District has agreed to take steps by the end of February to address the alleged civil rights violations.


Poor Scores on PARCC Reflect Stiff Challenges Facing Schools in Newark

The State has released scores on the new PARRC tests, revealing that there is still much work to be done to improve learning outcomes for students.


  • Less than half (44%) of students approached, met or exceeded expectations in math in the elementary and middle schools.

  • Nearly half (47.5%) of students approached, met or exceeded expectations in ELA in the elementary and middle grades.


Rutgers-Newark Offering Free Tuition, Housing to Select Students

Beginning in fall 2016, Rutgers-Newark will cover tuition and fees for Newark residents who are accepted at the college and have a household income of $60,000 or less.


For Newark Library Director, a Life of Learning

Wilma Grey reflects on her 10 years of leadership at the Newark Public Library.


School Choice is the Most Powerful Tool We Can Provide for Newark Students

Amidst ongoing debates on education reform, Rashon K. Hasan, a member of the Newark Public Schools Advisory Board provides his thoughts on the role that charter schools have played in supporting parental choice.


Lessons in Leadership: Christopher Cerf - Lose Your Ego

4 months into the Superintendent position, Cerf shares leadership lessons learned, highlighting the importance of listening to community stakeholders and the ability to change and adapt.


Enhancements to NPS Universal Enrollment Policy

The Newark Public Schools has rolled out the 2015-16 universal enrollment process. The District reports that it features a number of key changes, including, extending the application to 12 weeks; improving sibling matching, and revising geographic preferences. Additionally, the District plans to launch a transparency committee in partnership with the local school board.



Recess Could Be Mandatory in N.J. Schools Next Year

Senate legislation mandating 20 minutes of recess for K-5 students received unanimous bipartisan assembly support last week and awaits final approval from Governor Chris Christie. This Bill promotes the importance of social and imaginative learning and regular physical activity.


Charter Lottery Favors Low-Income Kids to Break Cycle of Poverty

As part of its efforts to ensure that the school serves a student body that reflects the local community, Hoboken HoLa Charter School announced that the state approved its plan to offer a weighted enrollment lottery. Officials believe the plan will increase access to high-quality school options for families.


N.J. Charter School Parents Lobby Legislators to Preserve and Expand School Choice

On Monday, Dec. 14th, approximately 150 parents and supporters of students in charter schools from across the State gathered at the NJ State House to 'lobby' against threats to charter expansion, including prospects of a 3 year charter moratorium bill.



This Superintendent Has Figured Out How to Make School Work for Poor Kids

 In partnership with local service organizations, a Superintendent in Missouri has found ways to make school work for students living in poverty.


Black Students Are Drastically Underrepresented at Top Public Colleges, Data Show  

A new report shows that on average, just 5 percent of students at the nation’s flagship public universities are black.


Ensuring Educational Stability for Foster Kids

The Trust continues its exploration of the new Every Student Succeeds Act.This analysis takes a look at how the new federal education law requires schools to track data on students in the foster care system.


  • Allows for children in state’s care to remain in the same school regardless of changes in foster placement, whether in -or- out of district;

  • Requires school and state welfare agencies to provide transportation, and ensure faster enrollment and record transfer exchange;

  • Requires schools to track the academic achievement of the sub-group and make data accessible to state, school districts and welfare agencies.


Rapid Response Unit Aims to Counter Criticisms of Teach for America

A new campaign called Corps Knowledge aims to restore and rebuild the public image of Teach for America. In recent years, the organization has experienced a steady decline in applications and teacher placements.


School Segregation Persists in Gentrifying Neighborhoods, Maps Suggest

Researchers at the New School’s Center for New York City Affairs released a new study that finds schools are often more segregated than their neighborhoods.