Johnnie Lattner is an active resident of Newark. Currently, Mr. Lattner is co-founder of PULSE (Parents Unified for Local School Education) where he serves as Director of Community Relations, former Newark Lead Organizer with Statewide Education Organizing Committee, Team Leader Youth Development Specialist with the Boys and Girls Club of Newark.

Mr. Lattner has spent over 30 years dedicated and working to creating change locally, statewide and nationally. “Don’t allow anyone to make decisions for you become apart of the solution and not the problem because the final result can last a lifetime”, is the statement Mr. Lattner lives and work by each and everyday.

Having the opportunity to be a part of this historic moment is a honor and privilege allowing us to make a difference and help to create change in our communities. Mr. Lattner organized petitions for lack of cross guards and the applications process where over 150 cross cross hired as Newark Lead organizer for SEOC. PULSE did a historic boycott against Newark Public Schools in 2014. PULSE filed an Office of Civil Rights Complaint in 2012, 2014 with parents and student Donald Jackson on December 2015 the Office of Civil Rights investigated the claims around the harm of academics, transportation, school facilities and services for students with disabilities. The OCR concluded that African-American students and students with disabilities were disproportionately affected by school closing in 2012. OCR also concluded that the closing of schools did not result in improved educational outcomes for students.

As Co-Founder of PULSE, Mr. Lattner is connected with Journey for Justice, Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, National NAACP as we focus on Moratorium on School Privatization, Federal Funding for 10,000 Sustainable Community Schools, End Zero Tolerance, National Equity assessments, Stop the Attack on Black Teacher, End State takeovers, Appointed School Boards and Mayoral Control and Eliminate the Over-Reliance Tests in Public Schools.

Mr. Lattner had the opportunity to travel all across the United States in cities such as Chicago, New Orleans, Oakland, CA, Washington, DC, Seattle, WA, Denver, CO, Philadelphia, PA, and Cincinnati, Ohio, where he researched community schools, restorative justice, local school councils, effect of charter schools expansion, moratorium on privatization, local control, student organizing, progressive revenue and equity assessments.

Commitment, Dedication, Experience, Putting the Community First, Not Just Words Action.