Twenty Seven year old Jimmie White is a community advocate and business owner of Newark’s I.M.P.A.C.T (Initial Major Progressive Articles Creating Tranquility) LLC, whose mission is to showcase, spread and create positive and progressive news to better Newark, New Jersey and other communities through programs, events, and job creation.  He is a philanthropist, website designer, community and event organizer, and just a plain muse for community filled with the love and will to see the best out of the community.

He is a product of Newark Public Schools. Jimmie White  is a graduate of Miller St. Academy elementary and Malcolm X Shabazz High School (Newark, New Jersey) where he graduated top 10 percent in his class. As a youth he particularly remembers the first day after school during his sophomore year; Jimmie was jumped by members of the BLOOD gang. He knew something had to be done and from this experience being forever supplanted in his mind, the answer for solving the many issues of violence and poverty lied somewhere.

During the summer of 2008, at age of 19 Jimmie signed-up to become a member of People’s Organization for Progress (POP) – and organization founded by Lawrence Hamm based in Newark, New Jersey. The organization’s goal is eliminate social, racial, and economic injustice. It is under the tutelage of this organization where Jimmie learned about African American history, community organizing, civic education, and where poverty stems from. He regularly attends Newark City Council meetings and speaks about the concerns of citizens and local residents from many neighborhoods. Jimmie White also participates in demonstrations with various organizations throughout New Jersey. One of his greatest joys in 2012 was assisting New Jersey’s working families to help raise the state’s minimum wage. Also in 2012, Jimmie White was elected Chairman of the Newark Chapter of People’s Organization for Progress.

Though he was not completely satisfied, he volunteered with another local community organization – the International Youth Organization (IYO). As an elected Chairman of the Alumni and Friends Association of IYO, Jimmie’s duty was to help bring back alumni and increase contributions to aide in the growth of IYO’s youth programs. Established in 1970, the International Youth Organization is an 501c3 organization whose mission is to empower disenfranchised youth and their families to take responsibility for themselves and their community through programs and services that promote positive social and civic values; to create opportunities for self-improvement through academic instruction, employability training, community service, and to implement intervention strategies to foster family stabilization and neighborhood preservation. According to IYO Bylaws, Jimmie’s chairmanship extends an automatic seat on their Board of Trustees. Under the instruction of Mrs. Carolyn Wallace, he learned how to become an effective Board Trustee as well as assisting in governance to aide our local youth of Newark, New Jersey to become educated and employed.

In 2013, Jimmie White made the decision to move on from IYO to continue his work with People’s Organization for Progress and open his own business known as Newark’s I.M.P.A.C.T to provide employment. Jimmie has been employed by UPS (United Parcel Service) for the past eight years as ramp agent at Newark International Airport and as a cashier for the Home Depot for two years. His next move is to purchase a home and develop Newark’s I.M.P.A.C.T program to become the leading media company that best represents Newarkers to the world. Jimmie currently serves as a member of People’s Organization for Progress and is also on the executive team of FP YouthOutCry Foundation as Director of Education.


Based on your qualifications and experience, what makes you a suitable candidate to serve on the Newark Public Schools Advisory Board ?

What experience that makes me suitable to serve on the school board is my unwavering love for the people. Other than this fact, my prior board of trustee experience with the International Youth Organization in being key to preparing of youth in becoming strong leaders, career ready and furthering their education. Also as Director of Education of the FP YouthOutCry Foundation, I assisted in creating programs that improved the educational experience for our youth to prepare them for the 21st Century. I am person who have never given up on our youth. I am suitable because I have the tools , experience, persistence and determination to ensure they get a quality education to break this cycle of poverty.

What are your reasons for running?

I decided to become a candidate for Newark Public School Advisory Board because I want to put an end to the racist bad educational practices that puts our children at an unfair advantage that mirrored in every urban neighborhood that assisted in the poverty in inner cities like Newark NJ all over United States we witness today. I am running for our children to have the human right to a great quality Traditional Newark Public School using best proven educational practices that will prepare them for the 21st Century and this fast moving global economic market. I am running to for better future for many Newarkers and see a far less impoverish existence in our neighborhoods.

Are you running with an organizational slate? If so, please provide information about your platform.

I am not a member of any slate.

What are your priorities for the district in the coming year?

My priority for the upcoming school year are as follows:

  1. Local Control with full funding from the state for the upcoming school year
  2. Decrease classroom sizes to a maximum of 20 students
  3. A complete renovation of each school with controlled temperature
  4. Restoration of After school programs, clubs, etc.
  5. Implement trade certificate programs within the school  system for Senior class
  6. Create a stronger relationships with Study Abroad programs for more students to study abroad
  7. All students must be required to visit and learn of colleges before gradation to make a sound decision of furthering their education.
  8. Full implementation of the Amistad Act into Newark, NJ public school curriculum
  9. Increase parent participation in PTA meetings and Schools board meetings to increase civic and educational awareness
  10. Initiate programs to increase awareness of health education among students and parents.

What attributes and qualifications do you consider essential for effective school board members?


Attributes and qualities I feel are essential is love for the people of Newark NJ, strong advocate for education with experience of creating educational avenues for our youth, community servant, organizer of the people, tolerance, a sense and a plan for success to improve the Newark Public school district. Also have the impatience to not let pressing issues linger, organize and mobilize to ensure issues get resolved.