Jacqueline Cusack, Ed.D.

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

Jacqueline_Cusack.jpgJackie Cusack currently serves as Executive Director for the Center for Pre-College Programs at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). In this capacity she leads the development and administration of the university, state, and federally funded programs for underserved elementary and secondary students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). During her tenure at NJIT, which began in 2012, Ms. Cusack has also served as Consultant to the President and Special Assistant to the Vice President in the Division of Academic Support and Student Affairs. Other professional experience includes serving as Consultant to the Montclair Public School District and as Executive Director of the Montclair Child Development Center.

Ms. Cusack’s career has been hallmarked by improving educational and operational performance through shared leadership. In higher education she has served as Mentor, Adjunct Instructor, Panelist, Visiting Scholar, Graduate teaching Assistant, and Research Associate. Her roles at the State and Federal levels include Mentor, Instructor, Site Visitor, team Leader and Member of the Commissioner of Education Regional Advisory Committee, among others. At the district level, Ms. Cusack has served as Consultant, Curriculum Specialist, Administrator, Task Force member, Board Intern, and Teacher.

An innate organizer(conception to follow-through), persistent problem solver, and natural people connector--Ms. Cusack leads with a “get it done” and “what’s best for our students” mindset. She is known for cutting through the clutter to grasp the aerial view, essence and details of the issues; and then guiding diverse groups with varying perspectives towards cohesive goals aligned with quality education that takes it back to what is best for our students.

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