2017NTE_CandidatesForum_FlohishaJohnson.jpgBorn in Newark, Flohisha Johnson is a mother of two sons who have both attended North Star Academy since Kindergarten. Flohisha attended Newark Public Schools, Clinton Avenue Elementary School and Louise A. Spencer, where she was in the Gifted and Talented Program. Flohisha also attended Arts High School where she majored in Drama, and Kean University where she majored in Criminal Justice.

As a parent, Flohisha became more involved in her son’s school and the organization Ed-Reform. She also became a Parent Advocate at Parent Coalition for Excellent Education located in Newark and Parent Council President at North Star Vailsburg Middle School where her youngest son attends. Flohisha is a member of Black Alliance Educational Options (BAEO), the Order of Eastern Stars, Stars of Hope Chapter 2, an honorable member of VFW Hall Camptown Post 1940, and PACTION where she gives countless hours catering to the Neighbors without addresses in the City of Newark.

An Education Advocate and a FIGHTER, Flohisha will do anything for anyone, or find someone who will. She is a navigator, Family Associate and Parent Support Partner, and currently works at Local 108 on the African American Heritage Parades Festival Organization Inc. while still doing day to day advocacy in her Community.


Fiduciary Responsibilities (Budget, Potential Deficit, Contracts (Etc)

My primary focus will be to review and learn the school budget and prioritize money in classroom. We also need to organize parents, students and Newark residents and go down to Trenton and discuss the biggest need which is appropriate school funding and our fair share.
We need to lobby and convince the state to absorb the estimated budget deficit they incurred while under state control. I am currently not privy to the contracts between the district and vendors but I would want to review and ensure they are being prioritized towards classroom instruction and direct student resources and not wasteful spending for consultants.

Effective Education Policy

One Newark needs to be tweaked but continue to focus more on choice for all parents. As a board member, we need to educate and engage parents across the city to ask for suggestions and buy in. It can’t be a top down policy, but we can’t dismantle without having a plan to replace or tweak it.

Effective Curriculum And Programs

I believe kids need to know about local and state govt. We must ensure we have a diverse and ethnic curriculum that represents our diverse community. We need to increase tutoring programs after school and Saturday classes for literacy and math.

Accountability And Autonomy

As a board member, we must hold our superintendent accountable and to hold the district to task. We need to adopt policies to prevent waste and malfeasance. Improve ethics training for all district personnel and look to hire an Inspector General.
Principals need to be held accountable by the Super but also need autonomy to be able to use best practices from high performing schools. Principals hold teachers accountable and super hold principals accountable, and board members hold super accountable