Abbott Leadership Institute (ALI) at Rutgers University Newark, has been focused on developing informed and effective education advocates for Newark’s public schools since 2003. 

ALI offers a variety of programs and networking events for families, students, educators, and community members. ALI and NTE drew on the Collaborative for Academic, Social, Emotional Learning (CASEL) framework for adult SEL (CASEL, 2017) and ALI’s family and community engagement and leadership approach to create the Empowered Parents series in 2018. The series aims to first engage parents and caregivers in their own social-emotional learning, and then support their children’s development. The series seeks to reinforce the role of families as their child’s first teachers and support them in the cultivation of social and emotional competencies throughout a child’s life. Read NTE’s formative study to learn about what parents and caregivers say about the program: ALI Empowered Parents Series Formative Report March 2021.pdf