Carole Anderson Graves was born and raised in Newark, N.J., where she currently resides. She is a graduate of Arts High School in Newark and Kean University. She also holds certification as a Labor Relations Specialist from Rutgers Institute of Labor and Management Relations, New Brunswick. Carole’s career began as a special needs teacher at the Dayton Street School in Newark. Her life, and the lives of thousands of Newark teachers changed forever in 1968 when she was elected President of the Newark Teachers Union, Local 481, American Federation of Teachers AFL-CIO.

In 1971, Carole gained national recognition when she led the Newark teachers in a highly controversial 13 week strike. Over 200 teachers were jailed, and Carole served 6 months in the Essex County Jail. The resulting NTU contract settlement contained unprecedented contract gains, recognition of teacher’s rights, and improved working conditions for teachers, aides, and clerks in the Newark Public Schools. Carole went on to serve as the full-time President of the Newark Teachers Union for 27 years. One of her final acts as President of the NTU was to file a lawsuit against the State Takeover of the Newark Public Schools.

Carole also served as a commissioner on the New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) and has been an adjunct professor/lecturer of Labor Relations at Essex County College and Rutgers Institute of Labor and Management Relations.

Carole was elected three times as the Essex County Register of Deeds and Mortgages and retired in January of 2010, after serving fifteen years in that position. Carole is the recipient of numerous awards and honors.


Based on your qualifications and experience, what makes you a suitable candidate to serve on the Newark Public Schools Advisory Board ?

Educational and leadership background and experience

What are your reasons for running?

Lack of equity in education for Newark Public School Children

Are you running with an organizational slate? If so, please provide information about your platform.

No slate.

What are your priorities for the district in the coming year?

Return to Local Control

What attributes and qualifications do you consider essential for effective school board members?

Concern for improving the entire school community and attending the necessary function to do so.