Who We Are

The Newark Trust for Education is a local education fund with one focus: to improve the quality of public schools in Newark.

Until now, Newark has never had a local education fund working in partnership with the district, the community and city leadership to improve the quality of public education.

Filling this void, the Newark Education Trust will develop ideas, coordinate efforts and align resources in order to improve student achievement for all children in Newark.

As a local education fund, our goal is to engage local citizens in public education reform.

Every major U.S. city that can claim to have made significant improvements in closing the achievement gap points to having a strong local education fund working in partnership with the school district.

From the Boston Plan for Excellence to New Visions for New Schools in New York City, local education funds are an important piece of the urban school improvement puzzle. Until the creation of the Newark Trust for Education, that piece has been missing in Newark.

the programs and initiatives of the Newark Trust for Education would not be possible without the generous and continued support of our dedicated and growing family of funders. We remain grateful for their support. They are:













The Schumann Fund for New Jersey

Turrell Fund

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