Newark is Preparing for Change

Across the country, local school boards shape and monitor education policies and programs that directly impact millions of public school students each year. 


These responsibilities can range from managing multi-million dollar budgets, to the hiring of a new superintendent. Yet, despite these important responsibilities, voting and public participation in local school board elections remain consistently low.

While the board has served in an advisory capacity since 1995, city and state officials have committed to fully restoring school control to the district in the near future. A return to local control signals an important shift in the role of our Board to one of greater responsibility and decision-making authority.

Members of the 2016 NPS Advisory Board will likely come to serve on the first sitting NPS School Board since 1995.

On Tuesday, April 19th, you will have the opportunity to elect three new members to this significant leadership entity. Historically, public participation in our school board elections has been low, with a steep decline in voter turnout over the last five years. Only 12% of adults voted in the last year’s school board election, according to the new factsheet published by the Newark Trust.

Don’t miss the chance to make your voice heard! Vote on Tuesday, April 19th!

Campaign Central: The Place to Get Informed

For more information about the 2016 NPS Advisory Board elections, go to Campaign Central, a new feature on our website that includes voter guides, fact sheets and upcoming profiles of the candidates.

Some of the ways you can learn more:

  • Read about the history of voter turnout in Newark and the roles of local school boards in our new factsheets about voter turnout and the role of advisory school boards in supporting student achievement.
  • Attend our Candidates Forum on Tuesday, April 5th to hear directly from the candidates about their plans and aspirations for the future of education in Newark;
  • Participate in the civic conversation by completing our community survey;