Dear Friends of the Trust,

Our team is proud to share with you, Trust Through the Ages: A Brief History of the Newark Trust for Education. This publication captures the growth and development of the Trust, a history that is rich in engaging the community, supporting young people, and collaborating with colleagues.

We had the privilege of reading old reports, looking through archived photos, and reliving the exciting adventure launched by the Trust’s founders in January of 2011. It is the story of dedicated staff, thoughtful advocates, smart young people, and enterprising funders.

This journey begins with the Committee of Advocates coming together in exploration of critical issues that confront Newark's educational ecosystem. It goes on to provide philanthropists the opportunity to pool funds for a more significant impact. It carries young people forward as they formulate policy recommendations for presentation to decision-makers across the city. As the journey continues, it explores the essential role of community as a partner to Newark’s public school system. It also makes time for public forums where prospective candidates to the Board of Education share their ideas broadly. All with an eye on a common vision--expanded opportunities and improved outcomes for all young people in Newark.

This voyage, in many ways, has just begun. We are excited by the future and invite you to embark on the next leg of the journey.

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In partnership,

Ronald Chaluisán
Executive Director