Thomas_Ellis400px.jpgThomas Ellis is the President/Founder of the Enough Is Enough Coalition, a Anti Guns and Violence Organization, founded in 1993, he Community Leader, Activist, Male Mentor, Ivy Hill Little League Baseball Coach, Outreach Minister, Family Advocate, Abbott Family Worker for 11 years he works with 4, and 5, year old children and their parents, he is the Founder of the Dad's Group, a Professional Entertainer, he teaches acting, organizes seminars and workshops dealing with parent engagement, a public speaker, Cable T.V. Show Host on Ch19 What's Up Newark, a community show, Blog Talk radio host On Line Voices, a father of 2, and a Grand father. Ellis worked at the Apollo Theatre for 9 years, and a Honorable United States Air Force Veteran.

Ellis has been working with parents and children in Newark for 19 years he has a strong commitment for the children, parents and community. Ellis believes in fighting for the future of the children and Newark Public Schools, he also believes that Newark's children education is most important, and wants to improve the NPS System.

His Goal is to ensure that all the Newark children in Newark Public School will have access to Quality schools, Quality Education, and a opportunity to a Excellent School, he wants to make sure that the 3, 4, and 5 year olds, and middle school children 10 years,  from now have better Newark public schools, and a better educational system.

For the High School student Ellis wants to improve the Graduation rate and raise it up to 95 to 97% so each child that graduates have a opportunity to obtain gainful employment attend a great college of their choice or trade school.

Ellis believes in the future of the Newark children and wants to make a difference in the Educational system so that they can have a better opportunity than there parents. Ellis is a Proven Fighter, fighting for the Newark Community, Families, and the Newark Public School Educational system.


Based on your qualifications and experience, what makes you a suitable candidate to serve on the Newark Public Schools Advisory Board?

I am a family worker in early childcare and have been for the past 11 years working with children, parents, teaching staff, and school administration. I have a passion for education and want to see a better Newark Public School system for the future children, and I'm a community leader and advocate for children and parents and have been for 9 years now in the City of Newark.

What are your reasons for running?

I am running because I believe that all the children deserve quality education, excellent schools, better public school system and someone active from the community on the board to represent the children, parents, community, and the future of Newark Public Schools.

Are you running with an organizational slate?

I am not running with a slate. I am an independent candidate, my platform is public safety in and around Newark Public Schools, and community, increasing the graduation rate for middle and high school students, public health, qualified teachers in all Newark Pubic School classrooms, reducing classroom sizes, improving Newark Public Schools, providing remedial assistance to students that need academic assistance, improving test scores for all children, and getting the resources needed to all the schools, and especially those lacking materials, so that each child and school has a opportunity to provide the best teaching, and learning environment possible.

What are your priorities for the district in the coming year?

My priorities is to ensure public safety in schools, create better parent engagement, offer parent workshops to increase parenting skills, and create GED classes for parent we many young parents that may need to upgrade their educational level and this would be a great way to assist them. these are just a few

What attributes and qualifications do you consider essential for effective school board members?

The attributes are clear experience, passion, and putting the Newark Public Schools children education first and not politics