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The South Ward Community Schools Initiative (SWCSI) unites educators, families, and community partners to be responsible for the following five public schools in Newark: Malcolm X. Shabazz High School, BRICK Avon Academy, BRICK Peshine Academy, Spencer Miller Community School, and Belmont Runyon Community School. With representatives from the City of Newark, Newark Public Schools and the Newark Trust for Education, the SWCSI Management Team meets on a bi-weekly basis to assess progress, determine supports, and guide the overall initiative. The primary function of the management Team is to support schools in operationalizing the following six core elements of the Community Schools strategy:

  1. High expectations for learning supported by clear instructional vision, rigorous instructional practice and integrated student supports.
  2. High capacity partnerships and resource coordination/integration.
  3. Integrated student data information system & approach to learning analytics.
  4. Capacity to address student health and mental health.
  5. Quality expanded learning time/opportunities.
  6. Community of engaged, supportive adults.

SWCSI Short-term Goals 

  1. Design and implement a structure for coordinated planning that creates coherence for the SWCSI.
  2. Design mechanisms to understand and integrate community input into the work of the initiative.
  3. Design and implement an internal communication system to (a) keep schools, partners and key stakeholders informed and aligned and (b) to inform parents, residents and key stakeholders of progress on goals.
  4. Support schools in creating safe, supportive and effective community schools.
  5. Support SWCSI Leadership.
  6. Design and Implement SWCSI Evaluation.
  7. Effect System Change.

SWCSI Evaluation Report (2017-18)              









SWCSI Community Meetings Report (January 2019)

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