2017NTE_CandidatesForum_SwapanBasu.jpgDr. Swapan Basu is a dedicated teacher who knows the ails and fixes of public schools. After working in chemical industries and declining a Professorship in favor of teaching underprivileged students, Dr. Basu served the Paterson Public School district for over twelve years.

As founder of the non-profit organization, Rhyming Poets International, Dr. Basu has used poetry to motivate students and keep them out of trouble.

As a child he was a bright student who secured coveted scholarships and set unbreakable records. In later years Dr. Basu became the first graduate and foreign student to get elected to the Council on Student Affairs at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL).

While attending UNL he formed the Graduate Students Association and presented to the Board of Regents, preventing steep tuition hikes. Among his accomplishments Dr. Basu counts initiating the passage of three laws in New Jersey and two laws in New York.

Dr. Basu holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta, India, and a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from Ohio State University.

He was a member of NAACP and has published three books of poetry. Dr. Basu believes in a secure future for all students.