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On May 10-13, 2021 the Newark Trust for Education will welcome participants to its Third Annual Safe and Supportive Learning Environments Summit. This city-wide summit will provide an opportunity to engage with like minds around the impact that social-emotional competencies and trauma have on learning. Participants will also learn about local and national best practices on whole school/district approaches to SEL and trauma-informed care, while learning about the positive work being done in Newark Public Schools.

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Nurturing and Responsive Relationships: Parents and Caregivers Creating Safe Space for Social and Emotional Development (Presented by Abbott Leadership Institute Parent Leaders and Staff; Newark Trust for Education's ParentChild+ Parent Leaders and Staff)

Targeted Social Emotional Supports: Positive Action in Three School Settings (Presented by Avon Avenue School, Belmont Runyon Community School, and Spencer Miller Community School)

Weaving SEL into Classroom Instruction & School Culture: Second Step Pre K - 3  (Presented by Franklin Elementary School, Dr. William H. Horton Elementary School, George Washington Carver Elementary School, and the New Jersey Coalition for Inclusive Education NJCIE)



Widen the Scope: School-based Mental Health Services in Newark (by Pritha Gopalan, Ph.D., Stephanie Parry, and Ronald Chaluisán)


Resources for Integrating Social Emotional Learning into Early Literacy Development

2018 SSLE Summit Resources



Plenary Session - Intensive School-Based Mental Health Interventions: How do we measure quality?  (Panelists include Keri Logosso-Misurell, Esq.-Director,  Greater Newark Healthcare Coalition; Tashia Martin, MSW, LSW-Newark BOE Office of Student Support Services; Sakina Pitts, Principal-Chancellor Avenue School; Courtne Thomas,Ed.D.- Special Assistant, Newark BOE Office of Student Support Services; and Dr. Lauren Wells, Ph.D.- Founder & CEO, CREED Strategies; Facilitated by Dr. Isaiah Pickens-Founder, iOpening Enterprises)


Social and Emotional Learning: A Catalyst for Academic Achievement
(Panelists include Tiffany Lee – Family Child Care Initiative Director, ParentChild+; Samantha Lott-Velez – Executive Director, NPS Office of Early Childhood; and Dr. Michelle Smith Macchia, Ed.D. – Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, Rutgers University Graduate School of Education; Facilitated by Rasheba Stevenson – Director of Early Learning Strategy, Newark Trust for Education)


Nurturing & Responsive Relationships: Parents/ Caregivers Creating Safe Spaces for Social & Emotional Development
(Presented by Abbott Leadership Institute Parent Leaders Yolanda Greene and Carolota Tagoe; and ParentChild+ Parent Leaders Ana Muy and Tihesah Shearin)


Weaving SEL into Classroom Instruction & School Culture: Second Step in Pre-K – 3rd Grade

(Presented by Benjamin Franklin Elementary School: Amy Panitch – Vice Principal and Paige Miller – Teacher; Dr. William H. Horton Elementary School: Sharanda Evans-Humes – Vice Principal and Diana Moreno – Teacher; George Washington Carver Elementary School: Jessica Williams – Vice Principal; and NJ Coalition for Inclusive Education (NJCIE): Dawn Cuccolo, M.Ed. – Director of Special Projects and Kristy Ritvalsky, MPH – Inclusion Facilitator)



Targeted Social Emotional Supports: Positive Action in Three School Settings

(Presented by Avon Avenue School: Ryshan Johnson – Vice Principal of K-8 Culture; Belmont Runyon Community School: Sherell Benders-Smith – Vice Principal; and Spencer Miller Community School: Darline Jamison – Academic Interventionist, Wendy Muñoz – Principal; and Anthony Nuñez – School Operations Manager/ Community School Director; Facilitated by Izabelle Denizé, Grants Manager-Newark Trust for Education)


Cultivating SEL Skills Through the Arts: The Importance, Alignment & Opportunities

(Panelists include Sophia Domeville – School Operations Manager/ Community School Director, Belmont Runyon Community School; Bob Morrison – Director, Arts Ed NJ; and Alison Scott-Williams – Vice President of Arts Education, NJPAC; and and Denisah Williamson, M.S.W., FP YOUTHOUTCRY/ THE HUBB; Facilitated by Lauren Meehan – Director, Newark Arts Education Roundtable; )


Engaging Older Youth with SEL Concepts and Strategies: Two Perspectives, One Vision
(Panelists include Mark Comesañas – Executive Director of Programs & Instruction, Newark Opportunity Youth Network, and Dr. Ivan Lamourt – Assistant Headmaster for Student Life, St. Benedict’s Preparatory School; Facilitated by Ronald Chaluisán-Executive Director, Newark Trust for Education)



Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL)
Here you will find detailed information about evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) programs and how to make SEL an integral part of education from preschool through high school. This website also includes a sample whole-school framework for creating safe and supportive learning environments.

National Commission on Social, Emotional and Academic Development
Here you will find key resources on integrating social, emotional, and academic development in preK-12 education including case studies that illustrate how districts, schools, and educators are going about this work, research briefs articulating the scientific support behind social, emotional, and academic development and presentations.

National School Climate Center
This website provides information and resources on how schools can create safe, supportive learning environments that nurture social and emotional, civic, and academic growth for all students. It also includes research and policy data on school climate initiatives across the country.

New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards
This link provides access to the NJDOE preschool standards, along with optimal teaching practices for the following content areas: Social/Emotional Development, Visual and Performing Arts, Health, Safety, and Physical Education, English Language Arts, Approaches to Learning, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Family, and Life Skills, World Languages, Technology. The document concludes with a bibliography of books, articles, and periodicals that are valuable resources for any professional library.

New Jersey SEL Competencies and Sub-Competencies
This link provides access to the New Jersey SEL competencies and sub-competencies, which provides schools with guidelines for integrating SEL across grades and subject areas.

Social Emotional Learning Alliance for New Jersey (SEL4NJ)
SEL4NJ is an affiliate of SEL4US, a national network of state alliances promoting social-emotional learning (SEL) and related approaches. SEL4NJ replaces the New Jersey School Health and Climate Coalition as the statewide organization that brings together the wide variety of educational, professional and community organizations to promote awareness and provide support for those working to incorporate SEL into their school culture. Here you will find a host of resources for educators, families, policymakers, communities, and businesses.

Trauma Learning Policy Initiative
This website provides a sample whole-school framework for trauma-sensitive schools, helpful resources on trauma, and sample district and state policy initiatives focusing on Safe and Supportive Schools. 

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