The Newark Trust for Education is proud to re-issue Safe and Supportive Education: Shaping School Climate through Social-Emotional Learning and Trauma Informed Approaches in Newark Public Schools. First issued in May of 2018, this revised report includes a new executive summary and insightful commentary on the term trauma informed care, while examining the role of programs and interventions aimed at creating safe and supportive schools across Newark.  

Over the past decade, Newark has made tremendous strides toward promoting safe and supportive schools. In partnership with parents, community members, and philanthropic and community-based organizations, schools are committed to continuing the work. The city and the district are committed to working together to develop a common language that reflects an asset-based approach towards the community, while keeping in mind the latest research. Through this continuous improvement process, schools will build the safe and supportive environments necessary to provide Newark’s young people with the tools required to live a life of safety, stability, social mobility, and overall positive health and well-being. 

We hope that this publication provides a foundation for understanding the past, present and future of safe and supportive learning environments across public schools in Newark.

Keep your eyes open for our follow-up report that will examine the role of school-based mental health practices in strategies for comprehensive, safe and supportive environments.

For questions about this report or upcoming releases, please contact: 

Stephanie Parry - Director of Programs and Community Engagement

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