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A married mother of three, Sheila Montague is a lifelong resident of Newark and a tireless community advocate. Sheila is currently a professor at Essex County College, and a veteran teacher of 20 years in the Newark Public School system. She is a graduate of Kean University with a major in Secondary Education and a minor in African American Studies, and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Seton Hall Universities.

Sheila has experience working with Newark Public Schools students at the elementary and high school level. Her numerous honors and awards include The National Honor Roll of Outstanding American Teachers, a decorated record as a debate and basketball coach with a decade of championships, debate tournament victories among others. In 2009-2010, Sheila was the first place winner in an Elementary School City-wide Film Festival Award for best Middle School film/documentary on the topic of how growing up in an urban district without a dad effected several students. Her dedication and work ethic have opened the door to higher education for countless urban students.

Sheila is a published author of poetry and founder of community based organizations, Changing the Lens Together (CTLT) and Face Structure, which hosted The First Teen Hip Hop Competition in 2010 where teens across the city performed original pieces grounded in historical messages and political issues. Sheila has a passion for community outreach and supports many community driven initiatives including collaboration with neighborhood churches and other organizations that share common goals of community- building and -uplifting. Sheila is also an active founding member of Parents United for Local School Education (PULSE), an active member of People's Organization for Progress (POP), a member of The National NAACP and a certified notary public of New Jersey.

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  • Leslie Colson
    commented 2020-04-13 17:48:47 -0400
    Shelia I have seen you working in the west ward for years and running for various position. I want to encourage you to keep you the fight and always use your platform to the students of Newark.
  • Michael Kahn
    commented 2020-04-10 14:23:17 -0400
    There isnt much response from Sheila, who has many extra-curricular activities to her, so kudos deserved. I like her resume, but her communication does not impress me. She has good afro-american values, but like all i have seen, jumps on the bandwagon of needing more funding and “knowing who you are” by studying who other blacks are. YOU, are NOT who other historical blacks are- you are who you make yourself become by taking action for what is important to YOU. A true scientist does not conform to the teachings that prevail, but investigates for himself to seek ultimate knowledge and truth, and i look for teachers that instill that desire to do so in their students. The white establishment has misled humanity, and by continuing the teachings promoted by everyone else, no matter the ethnic culture, we are open to being misled. Teach the students to learn for themselves, not to copy what they see others doing- MLK was a tool of the white establishment, X thought (at first)that all whites were devils, and other leaders were also mistaken. We need to teach our children to discern what is true in a time of mass deception and destruction.
  • Newark Trust
    published this page in Meet the 2020 Candidates 2020-03-31 10:11:59 -0400


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