Newark Trust for Education Executive Director Ronald Chaluisán recently joined the New Jersey Morning Show to share valuable tips about how caregivers can navigate conversations with kids’ teachers. 

Chaluisán said that parents and guardians should walk into these conversations with an intention to create a productive relationship with the teacher that will help their child meet and exceed their educational and behavioral goals. When parents are in tune with teachers, they can get a comprehensive understanding of how they can best support learning and developmental growth at home.  

In most cases, teachers have limited time for one-on-one conversations with caregivers. That is why it is important to prepare in advance questions and talking points for teacher conferences. Your child can be part of this process – ask them questions like, What does your teacher do that really helps you learn? What does the teacher do that may cause barriers to that learning? It is beneficial for caregivers to regularly speak with teachers to address their child’s learning progress. Ultimately, parents should approach these conversations as an opportunity to create a partnership with teachers, instead of a one-time conversation.  

There are numerous ways that caregivers can support literacy development at home. By actively communicating with your child about what areas they need to practice or support with, parents can act as advocates and ensure their learner is getting the support they need.  

Kids’ outcomes change when caregivers and teachers are partners in learning and personal growth. Ongoing conversations with educators are essential to supporting this growth and development.  

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