Raymond Ocasio

La Casa de Don Pedro

Ray_Ocasio.jpg“The Trust’s only constituencies are the students and parents of Newark.”

Since 1998 and under Mr. Ocasio’s stewardship La Casa has experienced tremendous growth and consolidation of its programs and advocacy activities while adding vigor to its economic development work by employing a focused, targeted, comprehensive and integrated strategy plan.

La Casa has also moved solidly into the realm of social entrepreneurial initiatives with affiliate ventures in development, construction and food preparation while reaffirming its community organizing and advocacy roots, at the neighborhood, city and state levels.  Under this organizational model, La Casa has achieved significant success and impact. It is considered among the leading comprehensive multipurpose community based social services and development organization in New Jersey.

Mr. Ocasio is involved in local, citywide and state initiatives and serves as well as works with local, regional and state committees, task forces coalitions and associations. He represents La Casa de Don Pedro in local, state, regional and national collaborations, alliances, coalitions, committees and institutions as a member and officer. 

Mr. Ocasio has over thirty years of experience in housing development, organization development and community building activities both domestically and internationally.