On April 14, the Newark Trust for Education will be hosting its annual Advisory Board Candidates’ Forum. As part of our mission to inform the citywide conversation about how to best serve the educational needs of Newark’s children, the Trust develops and publishes an annual issues brief. This document is also designed to assist candidates for the Newark Public Schools Advisory Board in their efforts to better understand what is happening on the ground and in our schools.  

We need to hear from you! Your input is important and will inform the content of the issue brief.

The categories below are broad and provide a framework to help organize your thoughts and input. Please feel free to add and respond to additional issues. Your responses need not be long and you can, but do not need to respond to every category.

Key Categories

1. What is your vision for Newark Public Schools?

2. What are the key issues facing Newark district public school or a Newark charter public schools?

3. How do we ensure a high-quality school options for all our children? What are some of the key components that we should look for?

4. Are our schools meeting the needs of our learners? What do current services look like for all our learners, including special needs students, disengaged youth, over age and uncredited students and our English language learners? What are some of the barriers and gaps?

Other thoughts?

Write to us below by April 6. You can pick one, several or all of the topics listed above.

You can also tweet us (just make sure you use our Twitter handle @newarktrust #nwkedissues).

Please RSVP for the Candidates' Forum on April 14. We look forward to seeing you.


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