Newark Trust for Education (NTE) understands that quality public education for all children cannot be achieved without ensuring that every child has robust all-around support to thrive prior to entering the 3rd grade. To help strengthen the prenatal to eight continua in Newark, NTE is partnering with ParentChild+ to implement a pilot for one hundred families using their evidenced-based model for early literacy and child development. This pilot will add to the existing body of work in Newark that is preparing children to enter school with the skills and abilities to meet developmental milestones, read on grade level, and reach achievement goals in early grades. 


About the ParentChild+

ParentChild+ is a research-based early literacy, school readiness, parenting education program that prepares children for school success by increasing language, literacy, and numeracy skills, enhancing social-emotional development, and strengthening the parent-child relationship. The program provides two cycles of intensive home visiting families with children 16 months to four years of age, who are challenged by poverty, low levels of education, language and literacy barriers, and other obstacles to healthy child development and educational success.


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