Forming_Early_Learning_Habits.png Forming Early Learning Habits: Newark ParentChild+ Families and Their Toddlers Redefine Their Homes as Learning Environments This is a qualitative study of parent/caregiver participation in the Newark ParentChild+ Early Learning program, conducted in Spring 2019, that highlights three levels of integration of the program into parent-child and extended family routines.

Infographic.png Infographic: Findings from the Trust/ParentChild+ Collaboration Parent Survey This infographic summarizes the results of the Parent Survey conducted by Newark Trust for Education in Fall 2020, reporting high levels of parental implementation, and high levels of children's learning and socio-emotional development.

QTurn.png Executive Summary: Impact Evaluation for the Parent-Child Plus Program   A third-party analysis of positive parenting and child socio-emotional development assessments, conducted over four points over the course of a full cycle of implementation (from Fall/Winter 2018 - Fall 2019). Results show consistent growth of positive parenting and child socio-emotional skills for the majority of participants. 

Parent and Family Engagement: Creating Safe and Supportive Learning Environments This presentation provides information on the following: Newark Trust for Education’s approach to the ParentChild+ work; The importance of community engagement and making connections; Opportunities for family engagement activities; The transition to virtual visits in support of families; and Developing a Family Engagement Toolkit.

Learning From Practice Presentation This presentation captures research highlights from the Trust's collaboration with ParentChild+.