2017NTE_CandidatesForum_JosephineGarcia.jpgJosephine C. Garcia, Newark resident for nearly four decades, serves as a Legislative Aide to City of Newark Council Member, Carlos M. González.  She has garnered various accolades for her extensive work with the community during her 18 years as a municipal employee and has a vested interest in the Newark Public School system having graduated two of her three sons out of high schools in her beloved City.

As a concerned parent Josephine served 10 years on the Parent Council Executive Committee at the Robert Treat Academy (RTA) and five years as a volunteer of the Science Park High School (SPHS) Parent-Teacher Association. Her accomplishments in these capacities include spearheading successful initiatives including the well-attended International Night at SPHS, helping to raise several thousands of dollars for RTA events and initiatives, and helping to lead her fellow parent council members in the implementation of a healthier lunch program for RTA students. 

Josephine also believes, in addition to academic excellence, students should have access to a variety of extracurricular activities to promote a sense of community. As such, she is a staunch volunteer throughout the City of Newark including various sports and summer enrichment programs for youth. In June 2016 Josephine to ran for the North Ward Democratic Committee and was elected as a County Committee Member.

Fiduciary responsibilities (budget, Potential deficit, contracts, etc.)
As a school board member, I will ensure that the school district’s budgetary priorities reflect the goals and objectives of the community, so that every school can provide a high quality education through technology and educational programs that meet national standards.

Ability to review and adopt effective educational policy (One Newark, required Assessments, Etc.)
Too many parents were dissatisfied with the complex process of the One Newark Enrolls, and the plan has left many parents angry confused and frustrated. Every parent should have a choice. As a Board Member, I would support the parents’ choice to dismantle One Newark.

I know that assessments are important to measure student growth, and to help educators meet their responsibilities to students and for students and parents to see just how students are achieving. Assessments should be fair and not used to punish schools.

Ability to review and adopt effective Curriculum and Programs (Culturally relevant Curriculum, Literacy Development, Math etc.)

Accountability and Autonomy (Superintendent, Principals, etc.)
Accountability is important because for our schools to work, everyone has to be accountable; the parents, the students, the teachers the Board of Education and the Superintendent as well as the State. Everybody is responsible for children’s education. Principal autonomy is talked about a lot in Newark. It has good and bad aspects.

When elected, I will encourage my fellow board members along with the Superintendent and school principals to have more community meetings and activities in schools, to create a sense of community among the school district and the residents. At these meetings, we will be focusing on rebuilding trust, transparency, confidence and shared responsibilities among all.