NTE is a stakeholder supporting Family Success Institute’s work on meaningful parental and family leadership. 


The Trust is asking for community input. Our goal is to have a unified vision of parents' power in education. 

Please comment on the draft position paper the Trust has co-developed with Kathleen Roe, Executive Director of Parents Inc., and the Family Success Institute Learning Community: "Organizing for Change: Parent and Family Leadership in System Reform." 


We believe parents and caregivers can be effective advocates and civic change agents for their families, no matter their race, gender, class, or language background. Through their agency, we envision a state where all parents gain the resources, opportunities, and support they need for their children to grow successfully from birth to adulthood. Through the recommendations of this working group, we strive to develop guidelines for organizations and advisory groups working to influence policy, funding, and practice in decisions that improve conditions for families and children. This work will result in a position paper on family leadership in the coming year.