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Welcome to the Trust’s Campaign Central for the Newark Board of Education election slated for Tuesday, May 12, 2020. Check here for ongoing election coverage, including information on the candidates and insights into the most important issues relating to our schools, our children and our community.

As an intermediary organization, our goal is to foster a civic discourse that bridges multiple perspectives, thereby harnessing energy and knowledge from the broadest range of engaged individuals and organizations to best serve our students. Join the conversation!




TUESDAY, May 12th is the day that citizens of Newark will have the opportunity to cast their vote for the newest members of the Newark Board of Education, a board that makes important decisions that impact our children's education. 

Friends and Supporters: We ask that you share this information and encourage your friends  to mail in their vote for the Newark School Board Election by May 12th.

Unpack the Public Question: Download our fact sheet on the public question to be voted upon regarding a tax levy to support the Newark Board of Education's budget obligations. 

Understand How to Complete the Ballot: Visit Project Ready's Newark Votes by Mail website for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the ballot in both English and Spanish.

Take the Project Ready Pledge to Vote: If you're feeling powerless amid Covid-19, you're not alone. But our community is stronger than what we're facing. Take your power back and pledge to vote on May 12th to demand excellence from our leaders and our schools. Encourage your family members and friends to vote too!

Stay Informed: At Campaign Central you have the opportunity to read our fact sheets on information related to the election and get to know the candidates hoping to serve our schools and community. You will find the following information on each candidate's profile page where provided: Biography, Recorded Interview, and Forum Question Responses.

Click here to meet the candidates.


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