A Tale of Two Cities: Education Reform in Newark and Paterson

In September 2014 the Newark Trust hosted its first-ever Local Education Fund (LEF) conference, attracting LEF leaders from around the country to share insights and see first-hand the challenges and successes happening on the ground in both Newark and Paterson.

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PEF Director on One Newark Protests: Intensify the Efforts, Get the Point Across

Rosie Grant, executive director of the Paterson Education Fund, offers something of a rejoinder to Reginald Lewis of the Chad School Foundation who argued that the protests and boycotts surronding the One Newark plan "ultimately harmed a population of children who on average already miss too many days of school and lag tremendously behind their peers throughout the state in reading proficiency."

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What Was the Effect of the NPS on the Students?

Reginald Lewis, executive director of the Newark-based Chad School Foundation, writes in NJ Spotlight about the potential impact of the protests that centered around Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson's "One Newark Plan," a system-wide school reorganization effort. While he acknowledges "legitimate concerns" about the plan, he also points to fundamental challenges that continue to affect a significant number of students.

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