A Look at the Shared Campus Grants Program

Since charter schools started in New Jersey nearly two decades ago, they have operated independently of district schools, for the most part.

However, in many cities across the country, including Newark, a growing number of charter and district schools have begun to work together to ensure a quality public education for all students.

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Speaking Up and Talkin' Back: Newark Students Sound Off On Education

On June 9, the Newark Trust for Education hosted "Speaking Up and Talkin' Back: Newark Students Sound Off on Education," a unique theatrical showcase at Rutgers-Newark. There, students from our High School Policy Advisory Group took to the stage to share their stories and sound off on their education. The event featured student-led monologues and original performances.

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Christie And Baraka On Schools: New Board Will Pave Way to Local Control

It's a deal 20 years in the making.

After two decades of state control, the Newark school system will be transitioned back to the hands of its residents, via a roadmap outlined by a newly appointed board, Gov. Chris Christie and city Mayor Ras Baraka said in a joint announcement Friday afternoon.

"Together, we have created a Newark Educational Success Board that will be charged by us with developing a clear, specific pathway with appropriate timelines and benchmarks for the return of local control to the Newark community," the politicians said in the announcement.

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