Funders’ Collaborative Strengthening Social and Emotional Programming

In the 2014-15 academic year, many schools in Newark faced an unprecedented number of changes as a result of significant restructuring by the district. In response to these changes, the focus of the Funders’ Collaborative for High-Quality School Options (Funders’ Collaborative) Program, managed by the Newark Trust, was broadened to include those schools most affected by the changes to help ease transition and implementation issues.  

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Student Corner: Hearing from Our Students

A look back at the High School Policy Advisory Group.

Over the course of the year, six outstanding students came together to discuss their experiences in Newark Public Schools. They convened as the Trust’s High School Policy Advisory Group (HSPAG). Each month, they examined current policies and practices within their schools.

The Trust checked in with one of the group’s former members, Adewumi Aderibigbe, to learn more about her experience in the program and how it has helped her prepare for and excel in college.

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Funders’ Collaborative for High-Quality School Options: A focus on the Whole-Child

Since its inception in 2011, the Trust has managed the Funders’ Collaborative for High-Quality School Options, a unique collaboration of local and regional funders who are committed to ensuring that all Newark students have access to high-quality school options.

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