Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Unknown

As we cautiously step into a new school year, there is a singular question on everyone’s mind: is there anything we can do besides hope for the best? Uncertainty exists on every level. We wait anxiously for news about federal guidelines, governors’ press conferences that announce state vaccine requirements, and buzz on what’s happening at our local schools. With so much conflicting evidence about COVID-19 and its emerging variants, “hope” just isn’t enough. We have no choice but to prepare in advance for the unknown. Here are some strategies for parents, educators, administrators, and students to do just that: 

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Trust Matters: Summer Resources, Upcoming Events & More!

www.deanteamchicago.com/wp-content/uploads/site...This edition of Trust Matters is dedicated to providing opportunities and resources for children and families to enjoy one another and the Newark community throughout the summer months. Here we provide a round up of options to help prevent summer slide, have fun, and engage in self care with resources from Arts Ed Newark, The City of Newark, The Newark Museum of Art, The Newark Public Library and Newark Thrives.



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Trust Matters: SSLE Summit Updates & More!

NEW PANELIST & PRESENTER ALERT! We are excited to announce the addition of new panelists and presenters at NTE's third annual Safe and Supportive Learning Environments (SSLE) Summit: Covid-19 & Beyond, including SEL Award Presenters:A'Dorian Murray-Thomas (Newark Board of Education); Kaleena Berryman (Abbott Leadership Institute); and Superintendent Roger León (Newark Board of Education); Day 3 Session#1 The Path Towards Building Systemic SEL: New Panelist - Kelly Allen (NJ Department of Education Office of Student Support Services) and Senator M. Teresa Ruiz (D) (New Jersey ); Day 3 Session#3 Arts Education & Healing-Centered Practices to Build Resilience: Panelists - Sheikia “Purple Haze” Norris (NJPAC's Hip Hop Arts & Culture Education Program); Alysia Souder (The Institute of Music for Children); Lara Gonzalez (Independent Dance Teaching Artist); Kelly Heinze (Newark Board of Education Art Educator); and Olivia Betzen (Peshine Avenue Elementary School Music Educator).

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Day 2 - Session #1 (11:30 am to 12:30 pm) - Tuesday, May 11th

Student-first SEL: Developing a Culturally Responsive Approach to Social Emotional Learning
SEL can be a powerful tool for deepening one's connection to their own culture and for building bridges between communities. For this to occur, SEL initiatives and practices must be developed in a responsible and inclusive manner. This session will deepen participant’s understanding of culturally responsive SEL and its key principles, for application to individual practices and communities. (Facilitators Brandon Frame, Joshua Bobrow, and Fabiola Quinones, Urban Assembly)
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Day 3 - Session #3 (11:00 am to 12:30 pm) - Wednesday, May 12th

Arts Education and Healing-Centered Practices to Build Resilience
As we think about the future of education in a post-pandemic world, we must acknowledge and address the impact of trauma caused or exacerbated by COVID-19 in both students and adults. Since 2018, Arts Ed Newark has partnered with artists, school leaders, community health providers, and philanthropy to develop and implement arts based, healing-centered training to provide the adults in schools with the tools to address trauma and build resiliency in their students. Learn about and experience elements of this scalable and replicable model that is building skills and changing hearts and minds in Newark, NJ and beyond.
(Facilitators: Lauren Meehan, ArtsEd Newark; Chiho Okuizumi Feindler, Save the Music Foundation (STM); Panelists: Sheikia “Purple Haze” Norris, NJPAC's Hip Hop Arts & Culture Education Program; Alysia Souder, The Institute of Music for Children; Lara Gonzalez, Independent Dance Teaching Artist; Kelly Heinze, Newark Board of Education Art Educator; Olivia Betzen, Peshine Avenue Elementary School Music Educator)
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