NTECandidatesForum2019_Headshots2.jpgArlene J Ramsey, born and raised in Newark, NJ and attended traditional Newark Public Schools is a Sole Proprietor; founder of Every 1 Let’s Talk in which she runs her Self Wealth Mentorship program. She is also an author of the newly released book titled: The Eclipse of School Torment! A Guide to End School Bullying.

Her metaphysical approach concerning domestic violence, abuse, torment, communication, problem solving and mental illness along with her passion and will to be empathic is why she is sought out by schools, non-profit organizations, half-way homes, businesses and much more to present speeches and facilitate workshops.

Prior to delivering keynote speeches and presenting workshops, Arlene worked in international business where she worked for Freight Forwarding companies as a US Customs Broker, Import Coordinator and Export Coordinator for the past ten years. Saddened by the devastation of violence overtaking inner cities in the United States, Arlene decided to leave her career and fulfill her drive to help inspire. Her brand is multi-faceted and her passion for community activism and global women's rights is evident in her workshops.

Her metaphysical perspective and self-awareness pitch landed her in opportunities to shake hands with concerned people who are looking for change which is why you and the world have been introduced to Arlene J Ramsey.