Ade’Kamil Kelly was born in Newark, NJ and raised by a grandmother that served as the matriarch and glue of a family. Because of this, Ade learned early on the vital role that family and community plays in one’s life. The values instilled in him and his siblings throughout his upbringing have remained a guiding force throughout his professional career. Ade graduated from East Orange Campus High School in 2014. As a young person, he was heavily involved in the Newark community. He spent many days attending the Boys & Girls Club of Newark, where he had the opportunity to serve as president of the local Keystone Chapter and engage in multiple community service-based activities. Ade has continued to serve his community into adulthood. He currently serves as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Essex, Hudson, and Union Counties and The Boys and Girls Club of Newark. Dedicated to building up the next generation of leaders, he also donates time as a volunteer basketball coach within the city. Over the course of his blossoming political career, Ade has shown a commitment to engaging the political issues that matter. In 2018, Ade was instrumental in leading community groups that conducted surveys for the residents of Newark in an effort to improve their quality of life. This work later led to Ade being featured in the book “Guns, An American Conversation: How to Bridge Political Divides" after participating in a nationwide cohort with a conversation centered around gun violence. Currently, Ade is working towards earning a degree in Accounting from Essex County College. As a recently licensed realtor in the state of New Jersey, Ade has done and continues to keep family and community at the forefront of his mind as he works towards building a better chance at tomorrow for everyone.

2023 Candidate Q & A

Q1: Why are you running for a seat on the Newark Board of Education?

I am running for a seat on the Newark Board of Education because I believe our students and families deserve far more than what they have been offered. Our school board budget us over 1.3 billion dollars and we look at the achievement scores, one question the effectiveness that the status quo has offered Newarkers. When we review how our board has governed the district, "lack of accountability" is a theme with voters.

Q2: What is your vision for the public education sector in Newark, NJ, over the next three years?

My vision is for our public schools to be the number one education option for all children in the city. We can accomplish this bold vision by creating a culture that unifies community and school. Trustworthy partners with successful track records and educators that are committed to this city.

Q3: What are you planning to accomplish as a member of the board of education?

The number one thing I hope to accomplish during my tenure as a member is helping the district partner with mentor and tutoring organizations that are right here in the city. These organizations that are right here in the city. These organizations would adopt their local schools and provide services in conjunction with our educators. I'd hope to expand it to organizations that are trauma-informed and equipped to assist our district with mental health services.

Q4: How will you define success as a board member after one year? Two years? Three years?

I'll define success as students, parents and voters saying during my time I was available, accountable, and included them in the process.