2019 Candidates Forum

The Newark Trust for Education Candidate's Forum was covered in TAPinto Newark. Click here to read the article.


Additional Audience Questions Asked at the Forum: 

What monetary resources would you seek to assist the BOE with achieving the goals to improve students overall achievements?

What have you accomplished in your professional career that aligns with becoming a member of the school board?

Resumes are impressive but the ability to get along with your other board members, parents, students, and other professionals are equally important. What personality type are you and how well do you work with others and on teams?

In what ways will you ensure the superintendent implement the goals set by board for the BOE?

How will you work on bringing (engaging) charter and district parents together to work for the best education for all of Newark’s children?

Transparency is key to leadership. As a board member, what constituencies are you beholden to?

How would you plan/propose that NPS better prepare students for future careers both in an out of school (including financial management, specialized classes for a specific job, etc..?)

How will you support schools who do not have an active parent association or some of the resources mentioned tonight?

As a board member, will you support a moratorium on charter expansion?

How will the system you would input for mental health issues be financed and who would have this oversight to ensure empathy & confidentiality?

An important part of both the emotional, social, academic, and environmental health of Newark youth is learning and understanding racism and it’s institution. What programs do you plan to enact in order to undo racism?

Do you care about the students' wants and needs?

Are you here to help guide students and help students even from outside problems that do not include education?

Do you truly believe that students with low opportunities and with disadvantages should have equal chance getting into advanced schools provided to certain students with more advantage and opportunities?

What is your opinion on Betsy Devos?

If I don’t have any insurance, who are you going to bill?

How will students who are affected by violence, either directly or indirectly, be supported following their victimization?

Why is there no Hispanic student moderator today?

Where is the diversity represented in the Newark Trust for Education?

Trauma-informed care has become a term which has been used more and more. Please define trauma and trauma-informed care.

What is your vision of education in this community?

Are you committed to a yearly survey of families?

What are your priorities for the district in the coming years?

Do you see yourself primarily as a representative of the community or as a representative of the school system?

What would you do with teachers who are not performing?