What We Do

The Newark Trust for Education Informs, Engages, and Ignites stakeholders to ensure all Newark children receive the quality public education they deserve.


INFORM |Gather, analyze, present, and distribute data to inform decisions made by a cross-sector of stakeholders contributing to the educational outcomes of Newark’s children. Such data serves as the premise for high impact collaborations established and managed by the Trust, allowing us to identify and link needs with resources.


School Scope

ENGAGE| Engage a cross-sector of stakeholders in civic discourse, offering a variety of perspectives on current education issues that provide clarity and focus for efforts to improve the quality and equity of public education in Newark. The Trust also engages a range of funders, schools, school leaders, and district governance in order to ensure all Newark children have access to a high quality public education.

Funders’ Collaborative

High School Policy Advisory Group

Excellence in School Leadership Awards

IGNITE| Ignite action in a cross-sector of stakeholders to advance public education in Newark, NJ by stimulating participation in neutral and vigorous discourse; information gathering and sharing; decision making based on credible information; and meaningful change at the individual and policy level.

Committee of Advocates


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