Meet the 2019 Newark School Board Candidates


The Newark Public Schools Advisory Board election on Tuesday, April 16th will decide three open seats on the nine-member Board of Education.
Get to know the candidates hoping to serve our schools and our community.

In the interest of respecting the thoughts and language of each candidate, bios have only been edited for length.

Candidates were also asked the following three questions in a live interview, which were captured on video on their individual pages.

See what they had to say.

Q1: Families and community members have asked for authentic participation in the decision-making process in their local schools. How will you use your position on the school board, if elected, to prioritize and support a systemic approach to ensure the district address this request?

Q2: Safe and Supportive Learning Environments have been shown to result in improved learning outcomes for children. How will you guide the district in providing school leaders with the capacity to articulate and implement a whole-school tiered-approach to meet the social-emotional needs of children, faculty, and staff?

Q3: The Superintendent has spoken about the school district’s responsibility to ALL children and young people ages zero to eighteen in Newark. If you agree with the comment, how will you work with your colleagues on the Board, if elected, to make it a reality? If not, what is your stance regarding the Board's responsibility and why?


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  • Avram Rips
    commented 2019-03-25 18:29:15 -0400
    Where and what time?
  • Thomas Woodard
    commented 2019-03-24 07:28:21 -0400
    I have so many teachers friends who are spending their own money for books to to teach in the Newark! So what are you folks going to do about that, it’s not the teachers job to purchase books, why are they making copies from books as well, this is ridiculous! We want people who is going to fight for these skids education, no like some I have seen previously just don’t care and its about a check and if these people are running make sure everyone of their kids goes to a school in Newark as well, we did it with the police office making them move to Newark! They believe in the schools are being ran correctly then make sure your kids are in the same program as the others that’s from here that NOt really given a chance! This education system need to work for children future, not aligning our pockets! The urban cities always get less but pay the same taxes if not more than the privileged, this needs to change immediately, I will challenge everyone of you to fights good fight, to get what our school systems needs not want!


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